Smile more, you truly are a beautiful gift to this world🥰

What can you do for yourself today to make yourself smile?

How often do you stop and make yourself a priority? 

Anyone that has known me for a long time I don’t think would have ever used the sentence “ Nicola is independent “ 

I used to rely on everyone else .. maybe an unhealthy amount. I would rely on others for everything .. their opinion on my dress sense, their ability to cook and care for me emotionally … I honestly believed I couldn’t do anything without the approval from others! This is a slippery path to take where slowly but surely your self-esteem erodes, and you truly believe you are worth nothing and can do nothing! 

I am here to hopefully give someone reading this hope .. hope that you are not alone … hope you absolutely can rely on yourself.. hope you are more than enough and hope that you absolutely can make yourself smile 🙂 

With taking daily steps forward on the self-acceptance and self-love journey, like me, you absolutely can change your life, be happy and create a life you love ❤

I’d love to hear from you… how do you make yourself smile? What act of kindness do you show yourself? 

The world has so many copycats, be brave to be yourself🥰

Love to you all ❤✨

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