Being sensitive is a gift…

I grew up being told by different people that I was too sensitive, I had to toughen up , develop balls , stop walking a mile in other peoples shoes when most don’t walk a minute, you fix people up then they leave you , you take on too much , what’s wrong with you, you cry too much etc 

I am sharing this not from a victim mentality ( poor me ) , but to hopefully to reach one person who needs to hear this right now . Sensitivity ( being an empath) is actually a gift . In a world where we are taught to suppress our emotions , it’s a gift to feel everything so deeply . It’s a gift to understand and feel another persons pain as if it’s your own .. this cultivates empathy , kindness and being less judgemental. All lessons I have  learnt ( and am still learning ) on my journey . 

If you have ever felt different or have been told you are too sensitive.. say thank you , as it’s your super power. It’s your unique gift to help bring about change and unity in today’s society . 

Dont every change who you are , there is nothing wrong with you , and if you are reading this and think wow that sounds like me .. I’m glad , the purpose of sharing is to bring unity and comfort and to bring realisation 

that we are more similar than we maybe realise .

You are not alone , I definitely see you .

Be bold , be you 😘

If this resonates or you have experienced anything similar or you know anyone this message would help , please comment below and / or share this post .

Lots of love and blessings from my heart to yours  ✨🥰

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