The importance of being you …

I used to think that I didn’t matter and that other people made the difference in the world . I had no idea of how powerful I really am , and the importance and impact I can make .. not just in my world / my experiences but I can make a difference in others lives also .

I used to be so consumed by the opinions of others and wanting to be accepted that I would wear a different mask around different people .. I remember one day in my early 20s being asked “ who is the real Nicola when no one is watching ? “ I had no idea . I was so consumed and scared of rejection and not being loved that I did anything I could to fit in , and receive validation . ( not realising that validation comes from within , self acceptance and love comes from within ). 

Long story short this led to mental health issues and accepting toxic behaviours ( my self esteem was so low , I didn’t even realise that I was accepting behaviours that weren’t acceptable , and that I had little to no boundaries ) . I honestly believed that speaking my truth came second , and everyone else came first ( even if it was detrimental to my own health  ) .

Fast forward to the present day .. this is why I am so passionate about helping others / reminding others ( like you who is reading this ) to speak up . Be fearless, others are not more important than you . You count , you matter and if people think your different or weird or strange or quirky .. it really doesn’t matter . You are the one who spends the most time with yourself and it is you who has the power and the strength to rely on yourself . 

This is why I say Be bold , Be you … because when we can unapologetically be ourselves , not only are we reaffirming to ourselves that we matter , we are showing others what self acceptance looks like , and what healthy boundaries look like. We are also creating a ripple effect .

If this message resonates with you I love reading your comments . If like me , you want to spread the message and build a community of self love , please share .

If you feel you would like help on your journey , I would love to help you , either through facilitating an energy healing for you , or through coaching. I speak from my heart and I hope it speaks to yours 🥰

Be bold , be you , I love you 💕✨ 

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